Ariadne provides precise localization of customers in shops.
It enables cost reduction and revenue increase, through the interactive optimization of infrastructure via digital businesses tools.


Ariadne senses signals generated by smartphones for detecting their location. It is up to two orders of magnitude more accurate than GPS. It does not require a smartphone application or a network connection. It respects the privacy of users, by enabling state-of-the-art anonymity. It enables shop owners to identify:

  • the most visited products/areas,
  • the frequency of visited customers,
  • the number of potential customers or
  • the attracted attention of products in the shop window.

It guides shop owners to redesign their shops following data-driven approaches, (e.g. AB test).

Use Cases

Commuter Navigation Application

Ariadne can route you through the public transportation of a city, while it indicates the nearest train compartment and the nearest subway exit to your destination. Ariadne enables people to share their location data in order to enhance the experience of other commuters, with systems such as real-time monitoring of the train location. Finally, Ariadne provides complete indoor navigation, routing, and localization, in every subway station.

Crowd Analytics with Ariadne Beacons

Monitoring the traffic of people in the Pervasive Computing and Comminication Conference 2019.
An Ariadne beacon that enable crowd monitoring.

Ariadne provides tools that can enable physical businesses to analyze customer information following data-driven approaches borrowed by digital businesses.

For example, airports can identify bottlenecks of customers and use this information to redesign their infrastructure in a less congested way. Malls can adopt prices of shops based on customer flow. Shop owners can optimize their shop window guided by the number and the duration that people stay there. Public transportation providers can identify future routes or passenger congestion that can cause an increase in itinerary intervals. Additional, most physical businesses will be enabled to quantify the effect of promotions. Museums and exhibition centers will identify optimal routes for exhibits and will replace or reward exhibits accordingly.

Ariadne aims to introduce all the advantages of the digital era to the physical world. Physical business will benefit from tools such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and process mining, worlds which are unknown to them yet.

Landmark Mining with Ariadne Application

Mining Landmarks in UnternehmerTUM at the TechFest Hackathon 2018

Ariadne enables indoor localization and WiFi and BLE mapping through a crowdsourcing approach that relies on a gamified approach. More specifically, people are walking freely inside buildings and while they are collecting tokens in a shape of golden start, they stream useful information about the received signal strength of the building, which enables us to generate an accurate radio map. This radio map can later be used for precise indoor localization.

Navigation for Visually Impaired

Navigating Indoors via Voice Commands

Competitive Advantage

  • Ariadne is the only system available to identify revisits.
  • Ariadne is the only system that can monitor visitors through their entire route in the infrastructure.
  • Ariadne is the only system that can guarantee the privacy of visitors.
  • Ariadne requires the lowest up from investments due to its low installation costs.
  • Ariadne is the most scalable since It does not require installation on phones or network connection.

Through our patented technology, Ariadne provides the most precise indoor localization method in IoT


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