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Ariadne Maps has competed in the IEEE international Competition hosted by the International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation IPIN As it can be early seen in the table below, Ariadne secured the first place between teams focused on smartphone localization and tracking.

The second place is occupied by the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute ETRI, the largest South Korean research institute responsible for the discovery of technologies such as SDRAM and 4G LTE. For more information regarding ETRI.

The third place is occupied by the Core Location Engine team. CLE belongs to the computer science department of Oxford University. The head of the department is Prof. Dr. Niki Trigoni, who has over 671 publications on the field. For more information regarding CLE and Prof. Dr. Niki Trigoni.

  Team 90th Percentile Error in 1000m
1st Ariadne 20.60m
2nd ETRI 22.70m
3rd CLE 45.00m
4th UPJS 62.60m
5th TJU
6th IDRISITech
7th MSU
8th BTX

 Ariadne Maps is placed first, among smartphone based solutions, on indoor localization according to the IEEE International Conference on Indoor Position Indoor Localization 2018. For the ranking, the 90th percentile has been selected as proposed by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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