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We know that customers at the airport are the prime target but we also know that customer experience is bad. Passenger traffic is rapidly growing (it could double to 8.2 billion customers in 2037) and it won’t be always easy for airport companies to cope with the increase. That is why airports need to adapt technology to understand their customers and offer a better service.

Customer Insights

Measure the time it takes your customers to reach the gate from the moment they enter the airport, and the pattern they follow. 

Minimize Dwell Time

You can identify the dwell time of passengers, where and how long they wait. With this data, you can avoid long queues, optimize the layout and make use of traffic trends to offer better customer experience.

Duty-Free Area

Increase revenues of duty-free areas! You can see the traffic trends, design the stores accordingly, offer targeted marketing and attract more customers.


Shorter Paths

With the data and insights we offer, you can improve the processes to reduce lines at airports, knowing that for those customers that aren’t planning ahead, they’re going to choose your provided line since it’s the shortest. 

Check-in and Security Areas

You can see the number of people waiting at check-in and security areas, for how long they have been waiting and the average waiting time. Having this data, you can allocate the staff optimally and ensure the customer satisfaction.


Efficient Areas

See which areas are visited the most and which areas are not visited at all! This way, you can analyze the density of each space and maximize the efficiency.

What else do we offer?

  • Optimal employee supervision
  • Machine tracking
  • Comparison of visitor averages by time
  • How many unique visits compared to bouncing
  • The country of origin of your visitors
  • Real time traffic data and trends

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