Competitive Advantage

Ariadne is a state-of-the-art framework that provides precise localization indoors and outdoors. It makes use of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, developed at the Technical University of Munich, for precise and anonymous tracking of passengers, enabling airports and other mobility related organizations to make the best use of their infrastructure for minimizing congestion, and hence dwell time, while maximizes passenger satisfaction and experience.

Ariadne does not require users do not need to install any application on their phones or being connected at any wireless network. Ariadne monitors users in real time in the greatest accuracy possible. It has been benchmarked by the IEEE IPIN 2018 and found to be better than leaders at the field of localization, such as Google, IBM, and Samsung.

Ariadne is the first ever framework that applies mathematically proven state-of-the-art anonymization methods in real time for stream data, respecting the privacy of the passengers and hence achieving GDPR compliance.

Ariadne has been built upon two core-patented ideas that enable the precise localization in off-the-shelf devices, reducing the cost, while increasing the accuracy by one order of magnitude.

Ariadne is the first framework that makes use of state-of-the-art block-chain infrastructure, called Tangle, and developed by IOTA, in Germany, for transparent data streaming and real-time data purchase by algorithms acting as bidding agents.

Ariadne has been adopted by leading global airports, such as Heathrow and Glasgow, while it has been also used in train stations by leading railway companies such as Deutsche Bahn.