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The novel coronavirus has already spread in more than 150 countries. Healthcare systems have been overwhelmed, citizens are treated in hallways and doctors decide which patient will be provided oxygen and which not. To prevent disastrous scenarios regarding COVID-19 virus, numbers of researchers are proposing social distancing.

To help better the circumstances, Ariadne Maps offers its solution that tracks people precisely inside buildings and in real time. Since, we do not require any application installation or network connection, we can cover all people to minimise the risk, in line with privacy.

With relation to a pandemic outbreak, it is possible, based on our technology, first to ensure in real time that every visitor inside the building is observing or has observed the safety distance of 1-2 meter in order to avoid the contagion and second to reconstruct, in the case a person should be found positive to COVID-19, with which other persons she/he has been in contact in the last two last weeks.


It is possible to have a full overview of the movements of the visitors inside the building, which would allow the venue administration to temporarily close some rooms or allocate the visitors to spaces, in which the density is below critical. The statistics can also be made public, so that people themselves can know in real time, how high the density is in their target destination and can decide if they should change destination or not. It is important to point out, that each visitor inside the building can be localized with a resolution up to 1.3 meter. This is more than 20 times more accurate than competitive solutions.

Based on the historical data and the reconstruction of the movements of visitors inside the building, it is be possible to have a precise estimation of the spreading of the contagion. This allows for identifying subjects who have potentially been infected recently, such that the contagion can be confined more efficiently and without closing a large number of buildings and commercial activities. In particular, we propose that venue administrations utilize our framework in their infrastructure, to detect non-infected employees of their organization who have been in contact with infected employees.

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