Retail Stores


Use Cases

Ariadne helps retailers to understand their customers, generate their conversion funnel, identify their unnecessary costs and increase their revenue.

Labour Allocation

When visitors enter the store today, they are most ready to buy. Following the traffic, allocate the labour accurately and ensure the satisfaction of your customers.

Conversion Rate

Want to figure out how many people convert to be your customers? Measure the visitors passing by your store and compare them to those entering in.

Product Success

With the provided precise data, measure how many visitors each of your products attract! Then compare it to your sales to find out the success of your products.

Showcase Performance

Find out how many people are stopping by your shopping window and how much time they spend there, what they do next. Get all the data to optimize your shopping window!

Optimize Spending

Marketing budgets are finite, which makes you use it to the full potential. Ariadne enables marketers to target their spending where it is needed the most.

Space Efficiency

See which areas are visited the most and which areas are not visited at all! This way, you can analyze the density of each space and maximize the efficiency.

Supervision of Associates

Store associates can be tracked and allocated to where they are needed the most. They can be optimally supervised to see their promised effort and maximize customer satisfaction.

Marketing Success

Calculate the number of your visitors before and after the marketing campaign! See how much increase your marketing strategy leads for each product.

Promotions and Discounts

93% of consumers will use offers throughout the year, which means retailers need to have a strategy that tracks and adapts pricing planning to broader market forces.