technology that boosts your profits

With our patented technology, we have limitless solutions for you that can both reduce your costs and increase your revenues simultaneously!

Marketing Success

Calculate the number of your visitors before and after the marketing campaign! See how much increase your marketing strategy leads for each product.

Promotions and Discounts

93% of consumers will use discounts, coupons or promotions throughout the year. It means that retailers need to have a strategy that tracks and adapts pricing planning to broader market forces.

In-Store Marketing

Traffic trends can help businesses to offer targeted marketing and adjust it to customers in the store. It is also advantageous to identify your return on marketing.

Right Strategies

You need different campaigns for different businesses. For example, if a store has few visitors, then the marketing should be focused on obtaining more traffic. If the traffic is high, but conversion is low, product lines, pricing or staffing should be enhanced.

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