technology that boosts your profits

With our patented technology, we have limitless solutions for you that can both reduce your costs and increase your revenues simultaneously!

Get Ready

Be prepared for your prime times! You can know your peak times in advance, get well prepared and make the most out of your busiest periods!

No Surprises

Don’t encounter with surprises! You can advise your tenants when to expect mass of customers, weekly or daily, and maintain the customer satisfaction.

Data-Driven Plan

Layout of shopping centers, marketing campaigns and tenant mix can be optimally designed with the detailed and precise data that we offer.

Tenant Relations

Do business with accurate and detailed data! Traffic data over time can be provided to tenants, allowing you to justify your investments in the mall and charge your tenants accordingly.

Leasing Space

Potential retail tenants can be attracted by delivering reliable traffic data in the mall, instead of intuition or rough estimates. Longer lease terms would also be desired with this data.

Mall Upgrades

Take right actions at the right time and space! Arrangements for a new store, facility or addition can be made in line with data gathered. Keep in mind that tenants want to see your mall improvements are getting results.

What else can we find for you?

  • Hour by hour traffic data and trends
  • Comparison of visitor averages by time
  • How many unique visits compared to bouncing
  • Customers bounce rate - How often an individual visited during a specific time
  • Differentiate the floors
  • Which products are on high demand
  • Which strategies are performing better
  • and much more...

Interested? See how it works!

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