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With our patented technology, we have limitless solutions for you that can both reduce your costs and increase your revenues simultaneously!


Retailers, shopping centers, airports and more are exposed to a pool of data everyday, yet make no optimal use of it. Inferring meaningful insights from traffic data and trends should be the goal to optimize advertising and marketing, maximize sales and offer the best service to visitors. Taking into account the preference for online shopping, challenges are increasing for physical businesses, which force them to change their strategy and approach their customers with appealing and personalized offerings.

Some of the major problems retailers face today

Understanding what drives customer behavior

Being agile and keeping up with rapidly changing markets

Optimizing pricing strategy – discounts and promotions

Attracting customer loyalty

Create the best experience for your customers while maximizing your sales!

Quantify the success of your marketing strategies and go for the best!

Structure the layout and decide on the tenant mix that brings you the most visitors!

Optimize the revenues of commercial duty free area and minimize the dwell times!

Determine the ticket prices with reliable data, don’t waste your resources with surveys!

Develop strategies for your business in line with accurate traffic data and trends!

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