Why Ariadne


Ariadne Technology

Not only localization, but a lot more has Ariadne! You can discover the uniqueness of Ariadne technology and benefits for your business!

No Network Connection

For localization and data, we don’t need the customers and passengers to connect to any kind of network, such as WiFi or mobile data.

No Application Installation

Unlike other technologies relying on application installation, our solution offers convenience and works without any application.

Patented Technology

Ariadne Maps already secured its novel technology with multiple patents, publications and scientific papers.

GDPR Compliance

Ariadne is the first framework that applies mathematically proven state-of-the-art anonymization methods in real time for stream data.

Vertical Differentiation

We can differentiate between floors of your business area and give you exact details and data for each separate floor.

Great Localization Accuracy

Ariadne Maps has been benchmarked by IPIN 2018 and found to be more accurate than leading companies such as Google, IBM, and Samsung.

Easy and Quick Installation

A large project, including the installation and calibration, usually takes less than a day to complete and we directly generate analytics.

Expert Team

Ariadne expert team consists of PhD and Master degree holders and has multiple patents issued and published more than 15 papers.

Inexpensive Solution

Low costs mean lower prices! Ariadne Maps missions to offer its technology and service for the most affordable prices in the industry.