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Train Stations

Railway transportation is a safe, earth-friendly and cheap way of transportation that gets more popular everyday. Thinking about climate change and its effects, we see that travel by rail is being promoted and should be supported. Not only the travel itself, but also the transportation retail is gaining importance. However, customer satisfaction is decreasing, which should be taken care of.

Ticket Pricing

Major railway transportation companies use surveys to determine their ticket prices, which is costly and inefficient. With our inexpensive tracking technology, you can get reliable data on the journey your customers are making.


Revenue Sharing

How to differentiate between passengers who are continuing their journey, or staying in town? This is valuable data, given that, when a single ticket is used by a commuting passenger, revenue sharing between railway companies of different nations (or between different companies of the same nation) depends on being able to identify and track a traveller’s journey.

Train Scheduling

How often do the trains come to station? How crowded are they? Get to know exactly how many people are waiting for train at each point in time, optimize the train schedule and offer better service!

Retail Hubs

Network Rail footfall studies show that 25% of people coming to its stations are not travelers, but actually use them as hubs for shopping and dining, paving the way for more retail opportunities. To optimize the retail section, you can have a look at what we offer.

What else can we find for you?

  • Customers can be directed to emptier compartments of the train
  • Reliable and precise data instead of estimates
  • How many unique travelers compared to bouncing
  • Differentiate the floors of the station
  • and much more...

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