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Not only localization, but a lot more we have for you! See the advantages of using our devices and benefits for your business!

No Network Connection

For localization and data, we don’t need the customers and passengers to connect to any kind of network, such as WiFi or mobile data. Even flight mode is not a barrier for us.

No Application Installation

Unlike other technologies relying on application installation, our solution offers convenience and works without any application.

GDPR Compliance

We respect your customers and create customer analytics without violating the privacy of your clients. Ariadne is the first framework that applies mathematically proven state-of-the-art anonymization methods in real time for stream data.

Patented Technology

We have already secured our novel technology with 2 patents in Europe and US, another 2 patents are in progress.

Vertical Differentiation

We can differentiate between floors of your business space and give you exact details and data for each different floor.

Greatest Accuracy Possible

Ariadne Maps has been benchmarked by the IEEE IPIN 2018 and found to be better than leading companies in the industry, such as Google, IBM, and Samsung, in terms of accuracy.

Easy and Quick Installation

We install, calibrate and and get everything done in less than a day and start to provide you with data.

Expert Team

Our team has a total of 13 publications, 2 patents and they are experts in their fields. Currently, they are doing their PhD at Technical University of Munich.

Inexpensive Solution

Low costs mean lower prices! We are striving to offer our products for the cheapest prices in the industry.

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