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Who are we?

Ariadne Maps is a high technology company that provides detailed customer analytics with its cutting edge artificial intelligence approach.  With this approach, we enable indoor and outdoor localisation in publicly accessible areas such as train stations, malls as well as shops and airports. We make use of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms for precise and anonymous tracking of passengers and customers to help businesses optimise their infrastructure for minimising congestion hence dwell time, advertising and marketing while maximising satisfaction and experience of consumers.

European Institute of Innovation & Technology

Ariadne Maps is proudly supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.


Ariadne Maps is part of the IOTA ecosystem.

The idea emerged from our co-founder, Georgios Pipelidis who is currently researching thesis methods and technologies that can enable the crowdsourced generation of indoor maps, in his PhD at Technical University of Munich. Georgios as a researcher has already published six papers on the topic. Later on, Georgios pitched the idea to Nikolaos Tsiamitros who joined the venture from the first moment. Subsequently business specialists, Hasim Koc and Mustafa Parlak joined the team.  

Together they participated and won the second price in a Hackathon organized by TUM, with 500 participants, and sponsored by Siemens and BMW. A few months later, they participated and secured the second place in the Mobility Competition, organized by the Bavarian Center of Digitalization, while they have been supported by IBM and UnternehmerTUM on identifying business opportunities for their technology. Lately they secured the third place on real time indoor localization approach being executed in a smartphone, at the IEEE International Conference on Indoor Position And Indoor Navigation 2018

Our Vision

We want to enable all physical businesses to measure their success by providing accurate analytics for the physical space.


Today with our novel technology, we have partnerships with the leading companies in their industries. We, as Ariadne Maps, are rapidly growing and securing our place in the market.



Dipl.-Ing. Georgios Pipelidis

Machine Learning Expert

CEO and Co-Founder

Dipl.-Ing Nikos Tsiamitros

Non-GPS Localisation Expert

CTO and Co-Founder

Mustafa Parlak

Business expert


Hasim Koc

Marketing expert


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